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Experience transformational learning and develop professionally with SEAMEO VOCTECH’s expert trainers and customised training options.

Teaching, Learning and Assessment

Advance your teaching skills and become a top-performing instructor with our comprehensive ‘Teaching, Learning and Assessment’ courses.

Courses offered

Employing Authentic Teaching Through Problem-Based Learning (PBL) and Assessment

Improve your teaching abilities and stay ahead in the field with our program on Authentic Teaching through Problem-Based Learning and Assessment. Acquire new skills in crafting scenario and problem, designing and planning PBL and POPBL, and facilitation and assessment using ICT while learning about the theories and principles of authentic teaching, learning, and assessment.

Assessment of Students Competencies

Take your competency assessment skills to the next level by learning about the relationship between competency and assessment, different methods of TVET assessment, and creating an action plan for implementing your own competency assessment instruments.

Applying Learner-Centered Teaching-Learning Methodologies

Transform your teaching style and become a student-centered educator by learning the theories and principles of student-centered learning, identifying occupational competencies, developing a comprehensive learning package with instructional materials and video, and creating an organized assessment process.

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