SINGAPORE, 27 DEC 2022 – SEAMEO VOCTECH (SV) has announced a successful collaboration with the Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF) through the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). The MoU outlines the intention of both organizations to increase cooperation in promoting Green and Digital TVET for Sustainable Development, as well as to provide training programs and capacity building. The MoU also includes the option for SV to offer consulting services to SNEF and its industry partners in Singapore.

The MOU was signed by SEAMEO VOCTECH Centre Director, Mr Alias Hj Abu Bakar and SNEF Deputy Executive Director, Mr Stephen Yee. The signing was witnessed by SEAMEO VOCTECH’s Deputy Director Administration, Pg Hj Md Sufri Pg Ali and SNEF Assistant Director Curriculum and Quality Assurance, Mr Desmond Thio.

The signing of the MoU follows the 33rd Governing Board Meeting held in October 2022 in Bangkok, Thailand, during which SNEF expressed interest in collaborating with SV on capacity building, particularly in regards to In-Company Trainers Training and Masters Training as well as on Digital TVET training using AR technology, VR, and Mixed Reality.

During their visit to Singapore, SV delegates held a meeting with SNEF and its partners to discuss further cooperation on green TVET and sustainable initiatives and to learn more about the Skills Demand for the Future Economy Report on the digital economy, green economy, and care economy.

The delegation also visited various business organisations, including Singrass, a company that promotes environmentally friendly workspace, and Neurowyzr, which prioritizes mental wellbeing programs in the workplace. The delegation also visited the James Cook Academy for sharing sessions on Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses.