20 participants comprising technical instructors from Polytechnics and Universities as well as personnel from food industries including Serikandi, and Tindulang Catering services from the 10 SEAMEO member countries; Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, Timor Leste and Vietnam have been awarded certificates by the SEAMEO Regional Centre for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (SEAMEO VOCTECH) for completing the Regional Training Programme on Specialist Skills Upgrading: “Food Processing and Technology”, in partnership with the Institute of Technical Education Education Services (ITEES) in Singapore.

The closing and e-certification presentation ceremony on 23 June 2023 was attended by Mr. Alias Bin Haji Abu Bakar, Centre Director of SEAMEO VOCTECH (virtually), Mr. Bruce Poh Chief Executive Officer, ITE Education Services, ITE training course facilitators, joined online by the SEAMEO VOCTECH Management and Officers of the regional centre.

“SEAMEO VOCTECH initiated the collaboration with Temasek Foundation and ITE, which is much recognized in the region and beyond for its technical programs. I am happy to see that we have had a steady stream of participants in these courses and to be exact this would be our 9th training programme with over 200 participants being trained from our very first course in 2013. We are also proud that through this collaboration and the multiplier program we have achieved to cascade the training to 1470 participants across ASEAN” remarked Mr Alias during the ceremony.

The course participants had undergone a 10-day Skills Upgrading Course (SUC) in Food Processing and Technology for TVET Master Specialists onsite in ITE College East, Singapore and upon completion, are now expected to organise Multiplier Training sessions to impart the knowledge and skills to an additional 60 specialists in the coming six months.

“As Master Specialists, you possess a unique opportunity to shape the TVET landscape in your countries positively. Through the Multiplier sessions, you will ignite a transformative spark in the hearts and minds of others, fostering a culture of excellence, innovation and continuous learning. I have confidence that each of you will make a profound impact and contribute significantly to the development and advancement of TVET in your countries,” encouraged Mr. Bruce in his speech during the closing.

The training programme is one of the skills upgrading programmes already conducted as a result of the SEAMEO VOCTECH-ITEES partnership, supported by Temasek Foundation. Following the training, the knowledge and skills gained by the Master Trainers are cascaded to other instructors throughout the region and has already greatly benefitted TVET teachers throughout the region in various industry sectors.