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SEAMEO VOCTECH conducts research projects to address key TVET issues in Southeast Asian countries, collaborating with partners and donors. The completed research section features recent studies on topics such as transferable skills, labor mobility, and future skills. SEAMEO VOCTECH is dedicated to providing assistance in TVET development through capacity building and research validation.

The on-going research section highlights current studies, including digital transformation in TVET, green skills development, and more. With a focus on capacity building and research validation, SEAMEO VOCTECH is committed to assisting member states in TVET development.

Title: Behavioural Study of Reskilling &
Upskilling for Women in ASEAN region

Description:  The project’s goal is to provide guidance for upcoming re-skilling and up-skilling programmes in ASEAN nations, with an emphasis on improving gender sensitivity in policies and activities.

Expected Published: 31 October 2023 (policy brief) 


  • Identify potential behavioural barriers that affect the decision making of relevant stakeholders related to re-/up-skilling in the ASEAN region. 
  • Highlight behaviourally informed approaches to address these behavioural bottlenecks.
  • Derive recommendations for country-specific follow-up research and engagement in ASEAN countries, specifically related to targeted behavioural diagnostics and the testing of behaviourally informed interventions.

Title: Employer Satisfaction Survey 2022

Description: Employer Satisfaction Survey 2022 for Department of Higher Education, MOE. The purpose of this survey is to ascertain the level of employer satisfaction with the work performance of graduates from Higher and Technical Institutions and to assess the perspectives of employers regarding the competencies required to adapt to an ever-changing workplace landscape

Expected Published: February 2024


  • The assessment of work and performance of HTEi’s graduates by the employers.
  • Factors influencing hiring decision of graduates.