SEAMEO VOCTECH is seeking a qualified professional for the role of Deputy Director in Professional Affairs, a position that offers the opportunity to play a pivotal role in shaping and managing the educational and professional landscape of our renowned Centre. This Deputy Director Professional Affairs SEAMEO VOCTECH role is designed for a dynamic leader who can effectively collaborate with internal and external stakeholders.

  1. Designation : Deputy Director (Professional Affairs)
  1. Category and Grade : Professional / B2 – B3
  1. Tenure of Appointment : Two years (renewable) 
  1. Duties and Responsibilities
  1. Prepare yearly action plan.
  2. Identify the latest trends and technologies with respect to curriculum and pedagogy in Technical and Vocational Education within the region and beyond.
  3. Identify areas in the mandated specialisation that require training as a measure of intervention.
  4. Plan education and training programmes that reflect the latest approaches and methodologies in research, curriculum, management, teacher education and ICT. 
  5. Ensure that all programmes and projects are relevant and in accordance with the Centre’s objectives and set standard.
  6. Evaluate the formulated training programmes for further enhancement.
  7. Advise the Centre Director regarding professional and training matters.
  8. Identify and establish partnership or collaborations with key institutions or organisations within the region and internationally with respect to the mandated areas as stipulated in the Five-Year Development Plan (FYDP).
  9. Seek and secure budget from donor agencies and other related institutions as stipulated in the FYDP.
  10. Delegate professional work assignments and monitor the implementation.
  11. Facilitate and/or conduct Consultancy Services for SEAMEO VOCTECH.
  12. Identify and appoint any management team to prepare speeches for Centre Director and/or Guest-of-Honour.
  13. Serve as a member of the Centre’s Management Team and Personnel Advisory Committee (PAC).
  14. Serve as Officer-in-Charge, when designated, in the absence of the Centre Director.
  15. Perform other duties assigned by the Centre Director.  
  1. Qualifications and Experience Required


A postgraduate degree, preferably a Doctorate, in TVET Education, Law, Social Science, Management, Marketing, Economics, or related fields.


Experience at least 10 years’ work experience in the field of Technical and Vocational and Education and Training, research, strategic planning and educational management with innovative decision-making abilities. Additionally, desirable qualifications include experience in program/project consultancy, management marketing, monitoring and evaluation of programs, and research related to education. Experience in the preparation of regional and international project or research proposals is also an advantage.

Excellent research skills, authorship on publications, and the ability to work effectively under deadlines are crucial attributes. Candidates should be capable of leading data analysis and writing for publications. Exposure to working in an international environment is highly recommended.


Must have excellent command of English, both oral and written.


The candidate must demonstrate strong leadership qualities and excellent interpersonal skills, with a willingness to collaborate within a team. Additionally, they should exhibit firm decision-making abilities and possess the self-discipline necessary to work effectively under stress and pressure, while handling details professionally. Creativity and imagination in leadership, moving beyond a bureaucratic approach to management, are highly valued.

Furthermore, applicants must be a national of a SEAMEO Member State (except Brunei Darussalam, in accordance with the provision in Article IX, Paragraph 2 of the VOCTECH Enabling Instrument).

Age: 35-55 on the date of appointment.

Application Deadline: 29 February 2024

Interested candidates are invited to submit their full CV along with a cover letter via email to