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Projects & Consultancy

Research activities include conducting studies on significant TVET issues such as:-

Relevance of TVET curricula

Assessing and improving the effectiveness of TVET curricula to ensure that they align with industry demands and meet the needs of students.

National qualification framework

Developing and implementing national qualification frameworks that are recognized and accepted across industries and borders.

Integration of ICT in education

Evaluate the effectiveness of your TVET initiatives with confidence. This course covers the basics of impact research and provides a step-by-step guide for conducting impact studies for projects and interventions.

International Collaboration for TVET Teacher Qualification

Ensuring that TVET teachers meet international standards and possess the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver quality education and training.

Knowledge Sharing

We share our expertise and knowledge through publications, conferences, and workshops, fostering the exchange of ideas and best practices among TVET stakeholders in the region.


We collaborate with a wide range of partners, including government agencies, international organizations, and private sector entities, to achieve our shared goals in TVET development.

Technical Assistance

Our team of experts offers technical support and advice to TVET agencies and institutions to improve the quality and relevance of their programs.

Capacity Building

We provide training and resources to enhance the skills and knowledge of TVET professionals, institutions, and stakeholders in Southeast Asia.